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Work Highlights

  • Ten years of clinical practice in Hong Kong and Canada

  • Conducted court-ordered assessment and psychological treatment of at-risk youths in the areas of criminal behaviours, substance abuse and emotion regulation

  • Advised, developed and evaluated psychological treatment programs for the rehabilitation of young offenders

  • Delivered psychoeducational talks to parents of young offenders

  • Conducted staff training on suicide prevention

  • Provided psychological treatment to correctional officers and their families

  • Wrote articles to promote mental health and healthy balanced lifestyle among correctional staff and young offenders

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Work Experience
Abstract Background

Language and Cultural Background

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, Winty's mother tongue is Cantonese and she's brought up in a typical Chinese family with traditional Chinese values. She was educated in schools where English is the medium of instruction since her preschool years up until her masters degree in psychology and she is fluent and proficient in both spoken and written English. Going through the challenges under the Hong Kong education system, Winty is very well aware of the negative long-standing impacts under a highly competitive learning environment. Until now, this achievement-oriented values still exist in some Asian families.

 After working in Hong Kong as a psychologist for more than 7 years, Winty got an opportunity to move to Canada in 2015. Being able to study, live and work in Canada, she gained a unique perspective in understanding Asian culture through the multicultural lens of Canada. She became more aware of the blessings and challenges of being an Asian. With her new life experiences, Winty grew to be more culturally sensitive which cultivated her respect and curiosity towards people's stories as a therapist.

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Spoken Language

  • English

  • Cantonese

  • Mandarin

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  • Narrative Therapy in Action

- Introductory course

  • Intermediate Course of Narrative Therapy

  • Grief Therapy as Meaning Construction: Creative practices for counseling the bereaved

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